This programme is a community-based initiative aimed at nurturing a positive learning space to support whānau in connecting with their Māoritanga, connecting with each other and working together to create and develop opportunities and experiences for tamariki that ensures they are better equipped to move forth in the world, as Māori. Teaching a collective group of passionate young Māori people inspires the desired outcome of a strong-minded, well-informed, like-minded, supported group of future leaders in the community.

Te Aho Paihere Teina

Wānanga of the Arts-

Kapa Haka, Performance Art, Whakaari

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The Teina will use kapa haka as their main medium, working on creating different brackets and exploring different components of kapa haka, while nurturing positive relationships with themselves and with others through wānanga.

The aim of this programme is to expose the tamariki to a variety of kaupapa Māori mediums in the hope that something specific might resonate within them. This will help increase confidence in their identity, skill, and ability to work as part of a whānau and help them create networks within their peers who are interested in similar kaupapa.

Though most of our members are not mana whenua to Ōtakou, many have lived here with their whānau for generations and will always have a connection to the hapori, even if they chose to live elsewhere. Creating positive relationships now, will hopefully strengthen the hapori in the future.

The desire for this programme is to bring tohunga of different arts to share the working space with the teina and share their mātauranga to better equip our tamariki with the tools they need to move forth in their Māori world.

Wānanga in te reo Māori, kapa haka, titonga, te ao puoro, hākinakina, tākaro Māori and tautohetohe would all be advantageous to developing skills amongst these young people- and our hapori houses many masters of these arts. Our belief is that each hapori has the ability to resolve their own conflicts and this can be done by supporting the people that come from and love those hapori, and who have a desire to help and support the people within them.

This programme is primarily offered to the registered whanau of Te Aho Paihere. It is a kapa haka orientated week-long holiday programme.  This programme is being offered during the 2nd week of each school holidays, with a performance and hākari at the end of the week.

Please contact us for information about registering for Te Aho Paihere Teina or fill in the Teina Registration Form.